Why You Need an Immigration Consultant

Welcome to ACL Migration Agents! You could be taking the first steps now to an Australian visa!

Australia always offers a warm welcome to visitors and migrants – but it also expects people arriving from overseas to comply with Australian entry laws.

That’s perfectly reasonable and the vast majority of people coming to Australia want to do so in accordance with those laws.

However, it’s a fact that the regulations in these areas are complex. There are many different classes and sub-classes of entry visa and some may be far more suitable for you than others.

Making errors in your application for an Australian visa or applying for visas that you are not eligible for, may significantly delay the review and approvals process. In some cases, it might also put at risk your chances of obtaining a visa at all.

That’s where our extensive expertise and local knowledge can help. For over a decade, we’ve been helping companies and individuals get visas to enter Australia – whether that’s for study, extended holidays, working or family reunification etc.

Don’t take the chance of wasting lots of your time and money in fruitless visa applications. Instead, contact us for an initial discussion and let us do the rest!

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